Leila Fernandes Brier


Leila Brier has spent her career working with brands as a brand and cultural strategist, naming consultant, positioning specialist, and communications planner. To Leila, nothing exists in isolation - she sees the full picture, and brings this uniquely holistic approach to her work.

Her interdisciplinary background has allowed her to play varying roles on both agency and client sides: from strategic catalyst brought in to inject fresh thinking or coin previously uncrackable brand names; to lead strategist brought in to position brands, inform creative campaigns, lead workshops, and guide strategy departments; to on-going consultant, providing on-call strategic input and advice over months or even years.

She honed her skills in New York at award-winning agencies before launching her career as an independent consultant. A student of business and a keen observer of culture, Leila believes that the best plans deliver on both brand purpose and cultural truths. She brings deep empathy to her work, keeping people at the forefront of every decision - from building consensus with the teams she collaborates with, to optimizing for the consumers and communities the brand will ultimately serve.