Leila understands the complex cultural intricacies that many leaders and marketers overlook. In working together, we have begun to lay a meaningful foundation for long-term brand impact. Leila has quickly become a trusted advisor to many across the Bumble team; it should come as no surprise that she's an absolute joy to work with. Leila is a force multiplier, and I look forward to many more projects together, many more creative brainstorms across teams, and many more impactful initiatives.

Chelsea Maclin, VP Marketing, Bumble

Leila is far and away one of our most trusted and beloved partners. We’re tackling sensitive and, in some cases, highly stigmatized issues in women’s health, wellness and aging. Leila has led us in creating a voice for Attn: Grace that is at once authentic to us as founders and powerfully communicative of our larger mission, vision and values, which she also helped develop. She has a striking ability to create space and foster provocative, collaborative dialogue that has allowed us to refine how we think about our place in the world, who we want to be for our community and how we can be most impactful. I simply can’t imagine how incomplete this process would have been for us had Leila not been such an integral part of it. Leila lives in and gives a voice to the details that matter so very much but that are often so elusive and difficult to manifest. In sum, she is uniquely and incredibly talented. And as if all of that is not compelling enough, Leila is also a true and trusted brand-confidant, along for the ups, the downs and the in-betweens of launching and growing a brand, and an absolute joy to have along for the ride.

Alex Fennell, Co-Founder, Attn:Grace

Our seasoned team of marketers and creatives learned A LOT working with Leila. Most importantly; we won’t start a naming project without her again. Before we came to Sidebar we were lost. We had worked for months to find the perfect brand name for our new award honoring mission-driven work. Leila got the problem immediately and landed us a name that hit all the notes - The Anthem Awards. It’s iconic, bold, inclusive, empathetic and it sounds cool when you shorten it. The board literally applauded when we presented the name. Leila is impressively strategic, thoughtful, creative, and smart. Her process is a joy to watch and be part of and I am so looking forward to working with her again.

Claire Graves, President, The Webby Awards

Our company had been struggling for more than two years to create a brand story that captured our professional and technical expertise while conveying our passion and commitment to our mission. Leila knew how to facilitate rich conversations with our team, helping us get to the very heart of our brand. She humanized our work and made it accessible. Leila’s approach was playful and rigorous – an absolute delight! She turned a formerly painful process into a creative expression - a new name and brand story that fits us like a glove.

Kim Sabo Flores, CEO and Co-Founder, Hello Insight

Leila's unique approach to brand and culture comes to life as a presenter. She is able to craft a message for our audience in a personal and engaging way, that addresses our immediate needs and opens our eyes to the importance of crafting authentic and compelling brand stories. Her delivery is exceptional – by combining humor, examples, and an informal-but-focused presentation, she leaves her audience feeling excited and motivated, with plenty of useful take-aways.

Fanny Krivoy, Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute | Founder, Creative Director, Analogous

Leila has the rare ability to step into working with a brand and immersing herself in a way that makes you feel like she’s been there all along. Whether it’s getting unstuck or launching a new product or campaign, her sharp intuition and keen eye for observation give Leila the ability to see, hear, and think with a fresh perspective that just feels exciting for your brand. She’s what I need every time we work together, deepening her background of our brand and culture while pushing us where we need to go – all through frameworks that demystify the process and make it exciting work. Leila brings energy, seemingly endless creativity, and an unparalleled ability to cut through clutter and noise to deliver a strategy that works. Leila is the kind of person you want to collaborate with again and again (which is why I do!).

Lisa Trask, CMO, Beaver Country Day School

Leila is a brilliant consultant, collaborative leader, insightful strategist, and supportive teammate. She is an incredibly gifted and empathetic listener - an often overlooked quality in consultants! - who will take the time to genuinely understand what your brand or business needs and then deliver it. Her ability to manage dichotomies - being both effective and kind, firm and understanding, detail-oriented and generous - makes her an invaluable team leader and collaborator. She is a true brand guru and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make their brand stronger, more impactful, and more culturally relevant.

Kacy Coll Erdelyi, Owner, CMO for a Day

Leila Brier is the very best kind of strategist and team member: she’s interrogative, open to new ideas, endlessly curious, and deeply thoughtful. It is this humility and attention to detail that make her such a trusted to-go within the industry. Most uniquely, every personality on your team will love working alongside Leila: she’s chameleon in that she gets along with with introverts and extroverts with equal ease. I can’t overstate the value this last trait brings to a group dynamic.

Jess Kimball Leslie, Chief Futurist, Ogilvy Consulting | Author | Technofile

Leila is one of the most trusted brand and communications planners in the industry, and remains at the top of the list when anyone asks me for a brilliant comms planner. She has the rare ability to cut through the extraneous and create plans allowing brands to show up to their audiences and fans in simple, powerful and sharp ways. Leila stepped in for me during my parental leave to lead communications planning with a group of people she’d never met, a business that was new to her... and earned respect and friendship immediately. Writing this is making me sad that I’m not working with her right now, so whoever is reading this better grab her quickly!

Amber Finlay, Senior Director Product Marketing, SNKRS, Nike